Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

Memory Management Unit

Memory Management Unit Memory Management Unit is a hardware device to map virtual addresses to physical addresses. Operating System responsible for managing the process that placed on memory. Memory must be used properly, so it can run with optimal process. Before entering into the memory, a process must wait. This is called the Input Queue / queue. Address paging process occurs when: 1. Compile Time: the process of being compiled. 2. Load Tima: the process is invoked. 3. Execution Time: process on the run. In the memory address space there. This address space is divided into two logical & physical address space. • logical address is the address that was formed in the CPU, or a virtual address. • The physical address is the address seen by the memory. • In order to convert from logical to physical addresses in requiring the MMU (Memory Management Unit). • MMU is the center of memory management. On the computer without logic memory, address bus and immediately placed into the cause of physical memory address that can be read / write. On a computer with a memory logic, the address is not placed directly into the bus, but must pass the then MMU MMU maps logical addresses to physical memory addresses. 


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