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How to Create a Free Blog

How to Create a Free Blog - Create a Blog With Easy and Fast - Learn to Make Free Blog - I specialize article this time for my friend who is really layman on how to create free blog, so for my friend who already understand and master the science of how to create a blog just ignore this article .
Actually there are many services that provide free blogs, some of them:

- Etc.
But this time I will explain how to How to create a free blog quickly and easily. ie we use the service Blogspot at
Initial steps to create a blog for free are:
1. You are required to have an email address, my advice is wear of the google gmail service. to make the email service from google that you can go directly to Gmail
2. The next step if you already have an email please go to to create a free blog with a url like this example, as shown below. 

3. Click Register at, fill out the data with complete data. in the first column enter the email that you created above in the early stages. after all the data on the contents of My Alerts checkbox and accept the Terms of Service. and then click Continue.
4. You made my new account at, then please click the button Create a blog, then fill in the blog title, blog address, to your liking, after everything is correct and click continue. Please select a standard template that has been provided. blog in a while you had already finished with the title and url that you specified earlier.

5. The next stage you can just click the new entry to create an article, well, easy is not how to create a free blog. oiya do not get used to copy and paste without the accompanying article source yes.

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