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Understanding PHP

php is server-side scripting language, is called the server-side scripting?
Answer: The web server technology in which the user's request is verified by running the script directly on a web server to generate dynamic web pages
Mentioned 5 database that supports php?

1) MySQL
2) Microsoft SQL Server
3) mSQL
4) Sybase
5) dBase

write down three ways to write a php script.

Answer: 1. <? php
PHP script
2. <?
PHP script
3. <script language = "php">
     Your PHP Script
    </ script>
4. <%
Your PHP Script

whether the use of the variable in php?
Answer: use a variable in php is to store the data whose value can change during program run.
what is constant in php?
Answer: A constant is a variable whose value is fixed. Constants only rated at the beginning of the program and
value is not changed during the program run.
Mentioned three types of data in php?
Answer: 1.integer
  2.floating point
Mentioned three values ​​(values​​) that can be stored in a php variable.
Answer: $ variable
   $ _pilih
   $ Ti02
Write down the results of this script.
<? php
$ txt1 = "good learning";
$ txt2 = "php";
echo $ txt1. "". $ txt2;
The value of what can be saved by a string variable?
Answer: The variable string is used for values ​​that contain characters.
What is the difference operator = and ==?
Answer: The operator = is the operator which is often used in the script and have a sense of the Assignment / charging nilai.sedangkan operator == operator will compare is TRUE or FALSE and has the same me

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